The extent to which you are willing to be supported is an indication of the love you have for yourself.
“I always have wonderful, harmonious relationships. The person I am looking for is now looking for me.” 
~Louise Hay~

I awoke this morning thinking of the joys of friendship. Often it seems there are an amazing number of synchronistic occurrences that have to fall into place in order for two souls to cross paths. Then, recognizing a kindred spirit – or perhaps a karmic contract – they choose to embark upon a segment of the journey together.

I’m grateful for those who are kind enough to bring laughter and support into my world. These infinite soul connections create an energy and harmony that plays the soundtrack of my life. I often visualize them as a symphony – every instrument is vital and important and while the music continues if someone is missing, the energy shifts significantly. The nuances of the whole allow greater depth of experience.
My soul support group of 12 – love, knowledge, compassion, mentor, beauty, child, humor, discipline, anchor, healer, enlightenment, muse – has changed significantly throughout the years. It’s interesting to notice how, when it’s time for someone to leave your life, another person enters to fulfill that role.
I can’t express enough the importance of allowing others to support you on your personal path of transformation. Ultimately, the momentum of change is created within; however, these supporting characters provide the springboard for the discovery of new direction, thoughts, opportunities and perceptions.
Today my intention is to send love to friends both near and far. Thank you for walking with me on this amazing journey.
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