Periodically, go within and observe the type of energy that you are sending out into the Universe.
That’s Right! All of life is a reflection of my inner state of consciousness    
Together we create a matrix of Divine flow. Everything that we do has an impact – not only upon ourselves, but also upon the collective consciousness of mankind, the planet and all her creatures. Mindfulness is paying attention to what we are contributing to the whole at any given moment. Self-awareness teaches us how to tap into that flow of energy in a positive way and bring a higher level of consciousness to what we create.

It is vitally important to learn to quickly distinguish between ego identity and soul identity. Being aligned with the ego causes us to seek outside validation; whereas inner peace comes from living aligned with your soul’s truth. Spiritual awakening is the process of releasing attachment to ego. The gifts you will receive are grace, innocence and wisdom. Surrender leads to mastery.

Today my intention is to be love. I choose to view life through the eyes of gratitude and send out waves of healing with each thought and action.
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