Creating change

Understanding your power is the starting place for manifesting change.
That’s Right! I am a conscious creator    
The physical world, as we experience it, originates from our thoughts, beliefs and expectations. You are not trapped by the world of form, it responds to you – providing a canvas upon which you can paint your dreams.

Rather than repeating the same old patterns and experiences (been there, done that!), be willing to break free from your comfort zone. Trying something different provides new levels of experience. It shifts the energy – perhaps slightly, perhaps a cascade of life changes – and allows you the opportunity to expand into uncharted realms.

All change begins with a vision. Keeping the end result in mind, taking conscious action in the present moment and celebrating the new as it appears is all that is required. Leave enough room for a miracle. Micromanaging from our limited human perspective is way too exhaustive, and it’s much more exciting to watch the Universe in motion.

Today my intention is to remember that life is a process of discovery, an adventure without limits…

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