Make your life a prayer

Clarity comes when we transcend all dualities. We observe the yin and yang, the good and bad, and understand the dance of awakening from a higher perspective. During those moments when life seems to pull at you from all directions, remember to take the time to go inward so that you can hear your own truth.

From this state of balance, truth flows through you into all that you do. Whether you choose to reside in stillness, take action, enter into relationship or walk in solitude, your whole life becomes a prayer. This is how we bring grace into the world – by finding it first within and then authentically living it.

Of course, the mind will attempt to reassert its power. Thoughts will trickle in and create a background noise that goes unnoticed as we become distracted by its mechanisms. As soon as you recognize that you are becoming preoccupied by stories or worries, simply notice. Choose stillness and you’ll find that it is patiently waiting.

You have reached a point in your development where a world of possibility has opened for you. There are levels upon levels of perception and experience that await discovery… and no matter how far you have come on the journey of awakening, you have only just begun to tap into the infinite mystery of the Universe.

Today my intention is to open my consciousness to all the wonderful possibilities of life.

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