Life is a mystery to be lived

There are many ways that we tie ourselves to safe routines and block spontaneity from entering our experience. Life is a mystery to be lived and traveling through uncharted waters can teach us wondrous and amazing things.

Notice when you fall into old patterns of behavior. Whether productive or destructive, they are still patterns that you have already perfected. It’s time to discover new aspects of your personality that are ready to shine.

In every situation you have a choice – you can resist or accept, remain stagnant or grow, take a risk or play it safe. Be courageous enough to explore and discover your potential. It’s true that nothing is guaranteed… We live in a free will Universe and the beauty of it all is that we are in a constant process of creation, communion and Oneness. Love is based in freedom, not expectation or need. The movement toward joy will always lead you in the right direction.

Today my intention is to recognize that every moment provides me an opportunity to become more of who I am.

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