Love is a bridge

Live from the heart and let circumstances unfold as they will.

“Love operates in all of my relationships, from the most casual to the most intimate.”
~Louise Hay~

Since the world is a reflection of your state of consciousness and the relationship you have with yourself, seek first to create inner harmony. The resulting peace and balance will allow you to bring the best version of yourself to your life situations.

Every experience provides you an opportunity to demonstrate love. Love may call upon you to be a compassionate listener, to try something new, to let go and allow or hold space in a challenging situation. When you live authentically with an open heart, you will always take right action.

See if you can move into a space of love at least once in every situation in which you find yourself today. This can be as varied as the general love you have for the earth and all her creatures to the passion you have for something or someone in your life. Seek it in interactions with those who are challenging or when you witness negative information from around the world.

Allow love to guide your thoughts, words and actions and observe what unfolds in your experience.

Today my intention is to take bring conscious awareness to every aspect of my life. I am responsible for my own joy.
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