You can be the change you wish to see in the world.

“My heart releases and forgives. Inner peace is my goal.”
~Louise Hay~

We are in the midst of a collective awakening. The process is often chaotic and there are times it is difficult to see how everything will weave together in a tapestry of Divine perfection. The awakened soul brings a higher state of consciousness to all that unfolds in their experience. You may discover that your way of looking at the world is significantly different than the perception of others in your life and that’s part of the process.

Each person views life through a unique filter that is created, in part, by expectation, past events, soul age and their predominant personality traits. For instance, a Young Soul vibrating at the level of Anger sees the world quite differently than an Old Soul vibrating at the level of Acceptance. The important thing to realize is that both are important. Both people are where they need to be on the journey of awakening, and both perceptions will expand to something new as they progress to the next level of consciousness.

When you purposely bring the best version of yourself to the present moment, you will learn what you need to learn and teach what you need to teach. Be here Now.

Today my intention is to handle all of my experiences with wisdom, love and ease. My heart is open.
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