Love allows you to discover who you are in the presence of another.

“Contrary to the romantic fantasies we have about relationships, in actuality they often push us directly into our blind longings, our dark fears, and our unhealed pain.”
~Ezra Bayda~

Being at peace in the present moment comes from being One with what is. Our relationships often challenge us because we wish the other would behave a certain way. When our wishes aren’t met, negative energy flows through the channels of old wounds and we over-react to the present day situation. Of course, the ego inflates our ire by repeating a certain negative ‘truth’ in the mind until we take action based upon old repeatitive patterns.

Many run from the pain rather than attempting to discover its purpose in their experience. The pain abates, the search for a new relationship begins and eventually we draw in someone who will again trigger that old wound. Repetitive circumstances indicate that something profound is ready to be healed, discovered or released. Bless those who grace your life. Without them you cannot see the baggage that you carry.

As old wounds are healed, there are less triggers to interfere with your happiness. Life becomes more peaceful and you will be able to share the best of yourself with those you love.

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