Exploring the limitless

All that you seek is within you.

“When we bring a gentle awareness to the layers of our conditioning, and to the struggles that arise out of our conditioning, the power of that conditioning slowly dissolves. Life then moves toward the unconditioned – where the vastness, or love, just flows through. ~Ezra Bayda~ 

Once we become aware of the mechanisms of the mind and how hard it struggles to keep certain illusions in place, we are able to go deeper into our experience of the present moment. Everything you encounter is meant to teach you how to drop the layers of illusion.

Should you observe yourself saying, “I’ve always been like this” or repeating a perceived truth of your current level of understanding, go within and ask “Who is speaking?”(is it the ego or the truth of an infinite soul) or “Who would I be without that thought?” (Would I be limited or free?) If you determine that the thought or statement is a product of the ego, don’t judge yourself. Your awareness indicates that something greater is awakening within you. This is a moment of celebration!

You are much more than a collection of thoughts or imprints. You are more than the sum of your experiences. The light of consciousness shines through you, it’s brilliance refracted through infinite facets that await exploration.

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