Look within

The people in your life always do the best they can based upon their imprinting, soul age and level of consciousness… and so do you.

“I use my Inner Wisdom to run the business of my life.” 
~Louise Hay~
All that you need is already within you.

Some people spend years searching for answers. Their library is filled with spiritual tomes and they can list names of various teachers with whom they have worked. Yet many have never stilled the mind and taken the time to discover their own inner wisdom.
The spiritually awakened soul has no need of rules or structure. He or she lives by an internal code of conduct that cannot be swayed by trends or weakened by misunderstandings. The light of compassion shines through into every area of their experience.
You have the ability to choose how you will walk through the world. See those who are in the midst of awakening as your students and honor the path they travel as an integral part of their souls journey.
Be the change you wish to see in the world. Share your light and gifts whenever possible and let your life be your message.
Today my intention is to remember that we are One.
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