The pathway of surrender

Know thyself.

“Every bridge I cross brings me to a higher level of fulfillment.” 
~Louise Hay~
When feelings arise, it’s helpful to observe them and experience them without trying to make things different. Rather than trying to change the feeling, focus on releasing the energy behind the feeling without self-judgment. Resistance keeps the energy alive while acceptance frees you from it.

Fear is always based upon the survival programs of the mind. When you have achieved a healthy, authentic place of surrender, you’ll feel lighter, at ease and safe.

Transformation is a process. Often we seem to revisit areas we thought long healed as we strip away layer after layer of energy. This is necessary to reach the core of any issue. Never doubt the progress you are making. Even when faced with familiar or repetitive circumstances, the fact that you are conscious in the present moment is an indicator that you are bringing a higher awareness to your life situation.
Today my intention is to stay present. When I let go and allow, everything in my life works.
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