Living passionately

Find your passion… and give yourself to it.

“Every experience I have leads me to a greater understanding of my purpose on Earth.”
~ Louise Hay ~

Many people struggle to find and express their unique gifts and wonder how to live their lives in a way that is vibrant and fulfilling. Often this search is attached to the need for security and safety. Instead, try asking “What do I have to offer?” When you live a passionate, authentic life, fulfillment and security will come.

“I don’t regret anything I’ve ever done in life, any choice that I’ve made. But I’m consumed with regret for the things I didn’t do, the choices I didn’t make, the things I didn’t say. We spend so much time being afraid of failure, afraid of rejection. But regret is the thing we should fear most. Failure is an answer. Rejection is an answer. Regret is an external question you will never have the answer to. “What if…” “If only…” “I wonder what would have…” You will never, never know, and it will haunt you for the rest of your life.”
~Trevor Noah~

Today my intention is to easily flow with new experiences and new opportunities.


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