Accessing inner wisdom

Life is rarely as serious as our mind makes it out to be.

“I take brisk walks in the sunshine to invigorate my
body and soul.”
~ Louise Hay ~

Your inner voice speaks through the wordless language of the heart. Stillness allows us to access the clarity which comes from transcending the dualities and paradoxes of life. You can recognize wisdom by how it makes you feel. Truth brings peace, even when the information is not exactly what you wished to hear.

Conversely, the ego speaks through the language of the mind. It is incessant, repetitive, often contradicting and seems to pull us in multiple directions at once. When you feel confused, see it as a reminder that you need to seek stillness and center yourself. Then you will be able to hear your truth.

When you are centered in truth, your whole life becomes a prayer, a mediation, one filled with grace and beauty that seems to flow through you from the Divine.

Today my intention is to inhale the precious breath of life, and allow my body, mind and emotions to relax.

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