Live authentically

Live authentically.
That’s Right! I am willing to walk my talk and speak my truth with integrity
You are a unique blessing. Seek to remove all that blocks you from being at peace with yourself and the present moment. When you find balance in mind, body and spirit, you’ll discover the ease and grace that come from living an authentic life.
Loving yourself allows you to give and receive love in an empowered way. Dropping ego (and quickly seeing through it’s mechanisms when they arise) opens the possibility of a true connection with others. Distractions and drama disappear and life becomes a dance with the Divine.
Listen to your words. Choose to speak only those which are loving, uplifting, supportive, compassionate and kind. The greatest gift we can give one another is acceptance.
Today my intention is to release all control to the Universe. I am at peace with myself and with life.
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