Challenges as a doorway to awakening

Challenges will arise on the Path of Transformation – they provide an opportunity to cultivate and utilize the tools of awareness.
That’s Right! I am willing to say “Yes!” to life… especially the hard parts
The mind’s inclination is to solve problems when they arise. It seeks to know the “why?” and “how?” and strives to alleviate challenges through physical action; however, the most important aspect of right action is one’s state of consciousness. Initially, it’s easy to get knocked off balance by an unexpected upset and begin addressing the situation from a state of frustration or fear; however, any choices need to come from the highest state of awareness possible in order to have greater impact and empowerment. These are the moments of transformation.
We do not encounter obstacles on the journey, the obstacles are the journey. When they arise, quickly remind yourself that there is a gift to be found within the situation, it has arrived in your experience specifically for your soul’s growth and you have the necessary tools to greet your life with courageous mindfulness.
Today my intention is to remain in a state of gratitude at all times. I am willing to see clearly, communicate effectively and love unconditionally, beginning with myself.
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