Life is responding to you

Want to create change? Begin within.

“By taking responsibility for how you choose to respond to anything or anyone, you’re aligning yourself with the beautiful dance of life. ”
~Wayne Dyer

Empowerment is not about controlling the events of your life. It is awakened by bringing a conscious awareness to how you choose to respond to the circumstances you encounter. Once we discover that all that we experience is a reflection of our own state of consciousness, we can learn to rise above blame or the tendency to complain, and go within to create change.

Pay attention to repetitive experiences. If you notice that you draw in people who create drama, seek to balance that tendency within yourself. If you notice that the people around you are generous and compassionate, realize that you, too, are expressing those beautiful qualities.

The world acts as a mirror, allowing you the opportunity to see yourself more clearly. What you do with that knowledge is up to you.

As you become more enlightened, the world becomes a beautiful place full of potential and endless opportunities to express love.
Today my intention is to honor this moment as sacred.
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