Let yourself shine

There is nothing more freeing than discovering your unique way of being in the world.

“Experiencing the deepest connection with life often requires taking a step into unknown territory.”
~Ezra Bayda~ 

Joy is infectious. It can spark awareness in others or attract people and circumstances that are of a similar vibration. The resulting synergy is the driving force behind empowered change.

Self-imposed limitation comes from trying to be what we think others need or want us to be. Often, the questions we don’t ask enough are “What brings me joy?” or “What do I have to offer?” And of course, there’s no right answer that fits everyone. There is only the journey that expands our perception while bringing our unexplored talents, insights and skills to the surface.

The key is to allow yourself to shine. Never stop learning. Bring humility and wonderment to your experience of life and allow it to inspire you. Your joy and authenticity will then become an inspiration for others.

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