Cultivating Mindfulness

Observe yourself without criticism or judgment. Seeing clearly, with a little humor, is the first step of cultivating mindfulness in your daily experience.

“Spiritual practice is not about a special technique, such as meditation, or about feeling a special way, such as calm or centered. It is about living increasingly awake.” 
~Ezra Bayda~ 

Remove “what ifs” or “I wish…” from your inner dialog. You are right where you need to be. Everything serves a valuable purpose in your souls awakening. Once we are able to rise above the mechanisms of the mind, we come to discover that life is simply full of contrast. Dark and light dance together to create a flow of energy that has the potential to enlighten when we are able to find our unique place within the experience.

Those who grace your life need your authenticity and compassion. When we come together in mindfulness and love, we create a space filled with infinite potential. Our role, as awakening souls, is to explore that potential and discover new aspects of ourselves. Honor your path as sacred by being vulnerable and open to each lesson as it arises.

Mindfulness allows you to see clearly while you are in the midst of your adventure. Be guided by love.

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