Know thyself

There are many different ways to explore the secrets and majesty of the Universe. In ancient times, the quote “Know Thyself” referred to the idea that we are a microcosm of the whole and as we learn from observing ourselves, we begin to better understand the macrocosm of which we are a part. This may be why people are drawn to the various arts of astrology, numerology, the Michael Teachings, psychology and more – we begin to see the patterns that seem to dominate our lives and learn to accept them as part of the tapestry of the role we chose to play in this lifetime. Instead of viewing these ideas as final or all-there-is, we can simply use them as tools which allow us to gain a greater understanding as we move forward.

Rather than fighting particular aspects of your personality or appearance, cultivate acceptance and reside in the positive poles of each. Even so-called negative traits can be expressed in a healthy way when one is conscious – stubbornness becomes tenacity of spirit, impatience can be transformed into healthy, mindful action, arrogance can shift into pride of one’s accomplishments combined with humility. It’s the unique differences between us that create so much beauty. You bring a glorious and valuable energy to the collective experience of the planet and sharing your light may inspire others to do the same.

Today my intention is to dance in the light of awareness. I am one with the love, life and laughter of the Universe.

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