The clouds of thought

Thoughts can uplift, paralyze, inspire, judge, motivate or cause misery. It’s easy to get trapped within the mechanisms of the mind. The energy necessary to awaken is constantly leaking away in our struggle to please, to be accepted, to understand the “whys” or worry about the future. We forget that the mind is a tool and often allow it to run our lives.

See if you are willing to simply be in the physical experience of life as it is. When are fully present in the Now, the moment is transformed from the mundane to something that is unique and sacred. See yourself objectively. Notice how you respond to life – without judgment – see the minds ideas of what you “should” be and the beliefs you carry. The light of consciousness transforms all that we see and it becomes possible to break through the clouds of thought that have silently controlling us through illusions of the mind.

Begin with love. The more you love and accept yourself, the less stress you will have. The gratitude that you cultivate will create a flow of more things for which you can be grateful. There are no limits.

Today my intention is to expect my life to be good and joyous. And it is.

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