Life as our mirror

What we witness in the world around us is a reflection of ourselves. Both joyful and challenging, these reflections dance within our consciousness and provide opportunities to recognize the need for healing on many levels – both personal and collective. Notice the things which elicit the greatest response from you. Emotional intensity is an indicator that we carry pain or imbalance. If we “hate” what we witness, it is because we carry some form of the same energy within ourselves. Part of spiritual maturity is the willingness to own our own stuff, acknowledge our humanness and recognize the blocks which keep us from experiencing wholeness, compassion and bliss.

As the energetic charge around an issue is released, peace enters. We may find ourselves becoming less triggered, more aware, and finally rising above the conflict to observe it from an entirely new perception. Acceptance and neutrality indicate that healing has occurred on a personal level. We then have the opportunity to bring new energy to the situation and to the world around us. Layer by layer we release all barriers to love and step into compassion.

Today my intention is to remember that I am a work in progress, a master in the making and I celebrate the breakthroughs I experience each step of the way.

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