Keep things simple

Mindfulness means keeping things simple. We consciously align ourselves in the present moment by slowing down, focusing on the task at hand and quieting the mind. In a world over-inundated with the proposed joys of multitasking, provide yourself a respite.

Spend a few minutes each day breathing consciously. Notice the rhythms of the body, the sounds around you and imagine that you draw in the light of the Divine with each breath… because you certainly do. See your heart filled with light and love and gratitude.

This moment offers a powerful connection to the Divine… it is always there, but few take the time to become aware of it. Each of us has our own unique way of tapping into this power, and however you choose to embrace stillness is perfection. Be the change you wish to see in the world and see yourself as an oasis of spaciousness in a busy world.

Today my intention is to take time to appreciate the small things and allow love to guide me.

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