Expect miraculous changes

The Path of Transformation is a journey of constant flow and change. we continually release old layers of restrictive energy and they are washed away by love. As you expand your perception and choose to be released from the bonds and chains of the past, expect miraculous changes. Sometimes the shifts are subtle, and at others, drastic movement is required. Either way, flow with the pulse of the Universe and trust the unfolding of your growth.

The Divine guides you along the path and assists in releasing any energies that are no longer required for you growth. This cleansing process may cause you to enter a period of spiritual release, physical detoxification, pains in the  body or old emotions that surface. The body acts as a barometer, letting you know that its time to meditate more, nurture yourself, change old habits, work with Radical Forgiveness, seek out healers, etc.

The process of cleansing always seems to point us in a new direction. Be kind to yourself during these moments of change. Honor you inner guidance and seek healing in whatever way feels most appropriate to you – your light is ready to shine.

What heals one, heals all. Some will support your growth, others may fear it; however, all things work toward our highest good. Stay true to your path, define your boundaries and hold no cherished outcome. You are loved beyond measure.

Today my intention is to flow with the changes. This is the moment of transformation.

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