Karmic contacts and the lessons of life

Life was meant to be an adventure, a thrill ride of discovery. We utilize karmic contracts to teach us Oneness through the perception of separation and ultimately, each of us arranges the lessons we want to explore in each lifetime. Karma is often misunderstood, seen as good or bad or even reparation for negative choices; however, love lies at the core of every interaction, regardless of how it appears.

Ask your higher guidance for the message that you need to hear most right now. Whether through prayer, gratitude, mediation or stillness, the first thought that comes to mind is the one that needs to be explored. The beliefs that you hold most dear must be open to that exploration as well, changing as you evolve and raise your vibrational frequency and perception. Every moment contains layers of information that will make itself known to you when you are ready to receive.

Be aware that what you do not want to change is likely the thing that you need to change the most. Resistance is only an indicator that you are getting close to the inspiration and breakthrough that awaits you. Never stop seeking to live life with passion and grace for the more balance you create in your inner experience, the more you’ll find it reflected back to you from the world of form.

Today my intention is to take full responsibility for every aspect of my life.

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