Inner grace and wisdom

Enlightenment is discovering the ability to bring ease and grace to the present moment.

That’s Right! Love is the bridge to everything

Change is the natural flow of life – welcome it, learn from it and let the consistency you seek come from within.

“Ultimately we need to understand that spiritual life isn’t about being safe, secure or comfortable. It’s not that we won’t sometimes feel secure in the course of our spiritual practice; we surely will. And so too will we sometimes feel insecure. Yet there is a fundamental security that develops from many years of practice – though it is a far cry from the immediately comfort we may now crave.”
~ Ezra Bayda

When you approach your life experience with humility, humor, non-attachment and compassion, greater access to your inner wisdom is assured. From this place of empowerment it becomes easier to recognize the limitless possibilities that are available to you. Allow the gentle whispers of love and wisdom to guide you.

Today my intention is to create peacefulness in my mind and trust my inner wisdom.

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