Infinite wisdom

There is always something new to discover.

“It is safe for me to be flexible enough to see
others’ viewpoints.”
~ Louise Hay ~

Earth is a playground of experience and discovery. It is merely the first step, a training ground, in the exploration of the infinite. No matter how far you have come, no matter what you have learned, it’s important to realize that we are still at the beginning and there is much that is waiting to be discovered.

Humans have limited perception. We see the world as we are. As we evolve, that vision expands, compassion arises and we learn to see through one anothers’ eyes. This is why we need several lifetimes to explore the nuances of physical life. By the end of our journey here, we will have experienced being all races, expressions of sexuality, income levels, spiritual beliefs or lack thereof, varying levels of health, body types, personal struggles and strengths. With each incarnation we cultivate a little more wisdom and learn the art of love and acceptance – both of the self and others.

Never stop your search for wisdom. Be willing to learn from one another. Erase fear by becoming a compassionate listener. Discover the value of stillness and experience life from the highest perspective you can.

Today my intention is to remember that I can open my heart to life and learn from it’s song.

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