Use anger as an opportunity to awaken

Anger, when it arises, is simply another opportunity to awaken.

“I release the need to blame anyone, including myself.”
~ Louise Hay ~

Distress is created when we demand that life be other than it is. Anger can arise when your day gets derailed by unexpected events, when the weather isn’t to your liking or when someone says something unkind. Everything that unfolds in your experience is playing a role in your awakening.

The moment that anger arises, notice it. Pay attention to the ideas that begin to repeat in your mind – what script is replaying? Observe where the energy resides in your body. You may have tension in a certain area, an upset stomach or headache. Awareness begins the process of healing.

Once you draw your attention inward, the situation transforms from a frustration to an opportunity to grow. Be where you are. Rather than say, “I am angry” say “Anger has arisen” or “My ego is going into anger mode”. This simple choice can help you to become an observer rather than a prisoner.

Today my intention is to view every experience as an opportunity to learn and grow.

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