Hope prevails

A gift lies within every challenge.
That’s right! Divine peace and harmony surround me at all times
Things are often quite different than they appear. An obstacle turns your life into a new and vibrant direction. A broken heart sends you on a journey of self-discovery. Rejection from those who you feel should support you allows you to tap into inner strength, self-reliance and a solid knowledge of your own abilities.These situations are gifts from the Divine and those who seek the gift, find it. Those who choose to blame or remain stuck in victimization have the same opportunities. The only difference between the two experiences is one’s attitude and the willingness to move forward in spite of the challenges that present themselves.

Suffering is the result of insisting that something be other than it is. Don’t fear discomfort – use it! Know that your life can be transformed and that you hold the key.

Today, my intention is to rejoice in new growth and leave all doubt behind me.
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