Don’t wait for your life to be “right” before you choose to feel good about it.
That’s right! I now accept and appreciate the abundant life the Universe offers me
The paradoxes of life transform every moment into infinite possibilities. No matter what you choose to feel or what you choose to experience, you can create it from what is offered to you.Enlightenment is a cleansing of preconceived beliefs and hard-won wisdom. It frees us to walk free of limitation and fully engaged in life itself. It reminds us that no matter how far we have come, much more awaits discovery.

True happiness is not attached to anything specific. It is the natural state of being and always accessible. No matter what unfolds in your experience, the quiet joy of being resides. When we slow down and pay attention, we discover the beauty and delights that are all around us.

Gratitude is a powerful state of mind. It shifts realities, creates a space for new perceptions and opens us to infinite possibilities through acceptance and surrender to the present moment.

Today, my intention is to experience my life in perfect balance, honoring mind, body and spirit.
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