Honor all paths as sacred

Honor all paths as sacred.

“Not all who wander are lost.” 
~J. R. R. Tolkien~ 
One can never be sure of the hows and whys of awakening. What may appear to be choices creating heartache, challenges, pain or drama may be the exact thing required for that persons life path, destiny, karmic agreements or personal breakthrough. Trying to fix someone else’s problems robs them of the valuable lessons and the gifts of spirit they seek to experience.
What you can do as a loving partner, family member or friend is quietly continue your own work. Be a living example of what a peaceful, empowered life can be and  support one another with willingness and acceptance. Your mere presence can be a powerful motivational force. It can be interesting to hear someone’s story and realize that they’ve discovered the same insights and understanding that you have unearthed through your own experiences.
There are many, many paths to wholeness and we all have plenty of time to explore.
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