Honor all paths as sacred

Honor all paths as sacred.

That’s Right! I open my consciousness to the expansion of life. There is plenty of space for me to grow and change

The path to love requires that we live with an open heart. This expansive, inclusive energy transforms challenges into vehicles of awakening. Our infinite Universe provides limitless ways to discover the Divine. The more harmony you create in your own experience, the more you will see it reflected in your life.

The slow transformative path to freedom is the layer-by-layer dissolution of self-imposed blockages, protections, limiting beliefs and judgment. As you grow and change it becomes easier to recognize the sacredness of others’ journeys while holding space and doing your own work.

Connect with the vastness of being in small ways. Listen to birds as they sing, become a compassionate listener, send grace and peace to those who challenge you, breathe slowly, honor this moment as sacred and allow life to be as it is.

Today my intention is to remember that real joy is often just a quiet presence and contentment in the present moment.

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