Things are often far different than they appear.

That’s Right! I constantly find new ways of looking at my world. I see beauty everywhere

Those who challenge you the most on the physical plane love you the most on the spiritual plane. This can be difficult to remember when you’re in the midst of chaos. Every circumstance arrives in your experience to assist with your spiritual growth; therefore, it’s important to bring a quiet sense of faith to any turbulence that presents itself within your life situation.

Instead of shifting into victim-hood, fear or blame, move immediately into the more empowering mindset of  seeking the lesson, the gift or value for your souls growth. Your willingness to do so ensures that you will find it.

Faith is seeing beyond appearances. When we get stuck in a limiting pattern, life will present an opportunity to break free and explore the unknown. Don’t get lost trying to rebuild the past. Instead, take a pause, wait for the dust to settle and see what remains. This is the new foundation upon which you will build the next phase of your life.

It’s natural for old souls to see the world far differently than those who are at earlier stages of their soul’s journey. Love yourself enough to bring a sense of grace and peace to your daily experiences remembering that everything works toward the highest good of all involved.

Today my intention is to remember that life mirrors my every thought. Therefore, I keep my thoughts positive and live with an open heart.

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