Falling madly in love with life

Fill your world with joyous intent.

“I am joyous today. Humor and fun contribute to my total well-being.”
~Louise Hay~

As children, we lived a life filled with mystery and magic. We gave meaning to whatever we encountered and brought an openness to the present moment. As we matured, the mind became filled with beliefs based upon whatever experiences had occurred. We learned fear from watching the behaviors of those around us and layer upon layer of “reality” eventually obscured our magical daydreams.

Only once we have explored both ends of the spectrum can we purposely choose to live with trust and innocence. We pass through the wilderness of the world, we learn by facing our challenges and ultimately awaken by taking the steps to free ourselves from the constricting imprisonment of fear. This is a necessary process of enlightenment.

Simply become present and engaged with life. Be a flame of awareness. Let all your choices by led by love, passion and enthusiasm. In this manner, you’ll expand into all dimensions, celebrating life in your own unique way.

Today my intention is to recognize that I am mentally and emotionally equipped to enjoy a loving, prosperous life. I am deeply fulfilled by all that I do.
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