The Celtic Vows of Friendship


Love is a way of relating to life.

“My heart is open. I speak with loving words.”
~Louise Hay~

As we mature, love begins to transform from sexual or ego-based neediness into honoring the unique individuality of another. We learn to accept rather than attach. We find wholeness within instead of looking to someone or something else to make us feel complete. We begin to realize that those who grace our lives (whether for a moment or for a lifetime) act as mirrors, supporting us in our quest to awaken.

When fear departs, freedom remains. Each relationship we have offers us myriad opportunities to practice the Celtic Vows of Friendship. These six guidelines open the possibility of empowered and mindful interactions. Anytime you feel off balance, take a moment to observe which you can apply to your situation and purposely bring a higher level of consciousness to the present moment.

Give for the joy of giving. Live for the joy of living. Your passion will morph into compassion which the Buddha defines as “love plus meditation”.

Today my intention is to recognize that this moment is a stepping stone to new awareness and greater joy. I am grateful.
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