Expanded Perspective

Your wounds are a sacred passage to enlightenment.

“We taste the profundity of existence by simultaneously holding both the suffering and the wonder of being alive.” 
~Ezra Bayda~

The challenges that we face strengthen us. Fear and frustration can be transformed into enlightenment through our conscious effort and intention. May you have the courage to change by allowing your insights and experience to show you the hidden facets of your soul. This movement from victimhood to empowerment is one that we all must travel.

Spiritual wounds cause us to take stock of our repetitive patterns. Emotional wounds send us on a journey of discovery. Mental wounds demonstrate the incredible power of the mind. Physical wounds force us to slow down and change how we move through the world. Every one of these aspects of awakening are sacred. They interrupt the status quo. They force us to reexamine all that we thought to be true and provide an opportunity to shift our perspective. None are failings, sins or shortcomings – just another pathway to becoming whole. The gifts that await discovery are part of your sacred birthright.

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