Self Reflection

All of life is a reflection of your state of consciousness.

“Meditation is a good starting point, or even a little bit of contemplative reflection, asking questions like: Who am I without my name or form? What is my purpose if there is one? What do I want out of my life? What am I grateful for? Just a little bit of reflection like that starts you on the journey.” 
~Deepak Chopra~

We life in a realm filled with limitless possibility. Your state of consciousness determines how expansive your vision can be and your perception of the experiences you witness reflects the level of your energetic vibration.

With this in mind, observe your thoughts. See what type of amusement you are drawn to, what books and movies spark interest within you, notice those you enjoy being with. Is there a trend? Do the things that fill your life bring you joy and contentment, frustration and disappointment or peace and fulfillment?

This is an important aspect of self-reflection. We need to create an awareness of what we are choosing to experience. Often, it can be challenging to see ourselves clearly. If that’s the case, observe those around you. What do you notice?

You are the master of your experience. If you wish to create joy, purposefully seek it in any form you can. Infinite possibilities provide a lifetime of practice, insight and opportunities to awaken to the fullness of who you truly are.


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