Evolution of consciousness

There are no mistakes, accidents or coincidences. Everything serves a purpose.

“Spiritual practice is a mixture of struggle and integration, of confusion and clarity, of discouragement and aspiration, of feeling failure and going deeper. Don’t imagine that the spiritual path is a straight line to a fixed goal.”  
~Ezra Bayda~ 
Health challenges, aging, loss of a loved one, financial struggles or feeling displaced from your home, work or relationship are all pathways to awakening. None of these circumstances are what we would consciously choose to experience; however, the soul recognizes what is required for your awakening and sets the necessary energy in motion.

So, when life happens, when challenges arise, do not resist what is. Instead, look into your circumstances for the gift. No matter how things appear, you are right where you need to be. You are blessed beyond measure and will come away from any challenge with compassion, insight and empowerment.

These disruptions sometimes serve to pivot us into an unexpected direction where we can meet new people, fulfill karmic contracts or discover unexplored facets of inner strength and wisdom. The key is to recognize the perfection in the imperfection.
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