Entering into the stillness

The Divine resides in the space between thoughts. Explore what awaits discovery within the gaps.
That’s Right! In the stillness, I discover that everything is possible and yet, nothing is required

Underneath the busyness of human experience resides a stillness that is eternal. This is the space in which life happens. Many people keep themselves and their lives so chaotic that they never discover the beauty of tapping into this realm of infinite possibility.

Learn to slow down and listen to the gap between thoughts. Multi-tasking is a distraction, though one seemed to be revered by those who have yet to awaken. If Zen were to be defined, it would simply be to place your  complete attention on doing one thing at a time.

This process slows down the tempo of your life. By doing less, more is accomplished. This mindful focus ensures that any actions you choose to take are filled with empowerment and intention. The ego loves to say that there’s not enough time… by living in the gap, we create a world of our own making.

Today my intention is to experience whatever unfolds in my life with grace and ease.
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