The beauty of contrast

All of life is the movement of contrasts.

That’s Right! I learn true joy by rising above sadness

Having known loneliness, I have a deeper understanding of the gifts to be discovered through relationship. My fear taught me about my ability to be courageous. Judgment, and the separation it causes, allowed me to discover the power of acceptance.

Everything is part of the the dance of love. All situations have something to teach and no matter what we have manifested into our experience, it is an important aspect of our soul’s growth.

Honor your path as sacred. Seek the answers that bring peace to your heart, even in the midst of sorrow or frustration. There is no limit to the gifts you will discover for you are on a journey of awakening. Layer by layer, you will release anything that no longer serves you…and all that will remain is infinite possibility.

Today my intention is to see life as an adventure. I choose to approach this moment with the innocence and willingness of a child.

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