What we think

Your thoughts create your experiences.

That’s Right! Happiness is a choice

It’s very simple. Our thoughts plant seeds in the garden of life and whatever we tend will grow stronger.

Your energy flows where your attention goes. Kindness, compassion, resentment, frustration – we can consciously choose to keep the mind focused upon what we want rather than dwell upon perceived problems or injustices. Whether we realize it or not, every moment we are nurturing something with our thoughts; therefore, it’s exceedingly important to become the observer, and to increase present moment awareness of what we are creating.

Choose to surround yourself with things that nourish the soul. Limit time spent with toxic people and situations until you are balanced enough to bring the light of love into those circumstances. You can manifest an empowered and joyful life. Begin with gratitude, nurture yourself with kindness and see what takes root.

Today my intention is to fill my mind with thoughts of love, kindness and appreciation for all the beauty that surrounds me.

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