An enlightened life creates a movement from the mundane to the miraculous.

That’s Right! I live in the realm of infinite possibility

The soul is the place where love, wisdom and bliss reside. The process of enlightenment allows us to drop layers of limited perception so that we may enter into complete fulfillment and abundance. Your inner dialogue dictates your ability to access this realm of infinite possibility. Keeping your thoughts, words and actions aligned with your inner wisdom rather than ego-generated fear is powerful spiritual practice.

True power comes from within. As you move through your life with a clear sense of empowerment and purpose, external factors cease to have any impact on your sense of self. When we discover the Oneness that connects us, we begin to look upon ourselves and one another with compassion and reverence.

Live fearlessly. Focus upon the journey rather than the destination. Practice being detached from outcomes and see yourself as a source of profound peace and kindness.

Today my intention is to be a source for the love, light and laughter of the Divine.

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