All paths are sacred

All paths are sacred.

That’s Right! Love is the absence of judgment

All interpersonal conflict arises from wanting someone to be different than they are. This one misguided approach to life is a source of great distress for many and it plays out in myriad ways every day.

Become a compassionate listener. Pay attention without internal commentary and cultivate the ability to see beyond the conditioning of the mind.

When we approach one another with genuine interest and acceptance, something miraculous happens. The other person begins to feel safer. They drop some of their defenses and a conduit is opened which allows for an authentic moment of connection.

See if you can practice this with each person with whom you speak today. Truly listen and choose to honor their path as sacred. Ask probing questions and see if you can discover something new. Expand your consciousness through conscious interaction.

Today my intention is to love what is.

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