Enjoy your humanness

Spirituality is not about rejection or denial of the physical.

“Celebration is a thankfulness; it is a prayer out of gratitude. It is recognition of the gift that has been given to us… It is such an immense gift to be alive.” 
Many belief systems preach denial. Abstinence, minimalism or rejection of outsiders lead to excessive rules, guilt and other ego related phenomena. Spirituality becomes inclusive when we learn to bring a higher vibration into our human experience.

Enjoy your preferences; however, do not allow them to crystallize into absolute requirements. Enjoy what is with conscious acceptance. Be playful and expansive. All too soon we will move on from this place of physical beauty and creativity.

Those who have left the earth plane envy our ability to feel the warmth of the sun, to bite into a perfect strawberry, experience exotic spices and textures, hug, cry or watch as the sun sets into the ocean … yet all too often we take our existence for granted. It’s time to enjoy all the magnificence that life has to offer.
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