Empowered choices

Break free from the addiction to victim-hood.

“Blaming is an addiction. Justifying ourselves can keep us lost in our stories for hours, days, and even years. Blaming puts the focus on the perceived faults of the other and lets us evade the necessity of directing our attention inward. Blame always separates, always disconnects. Overcoming addiction to blaming is an absolute prerequisite to experiencing the connectedness that is the essence of who we are.”
~Ezra Bayda~
Blaming and complaining are very closely aligned. They create an atmosphere of victim-hood and ensure that we remain stuck in negativity. When either arises in your experience, and the mind seeks to begin a litany of “why”, choose instead to take complete ownership of your own experience and make peace with the present moment.

Eckhart Tolle teaches that there are three options available when we find ourselves in an untenable situation: leave it, change it or accept it. Sometimes it takes a bit of exploration to determine which is best in a given situation; however, it’s important to remember that one approach must ultimately be chosen if we are to create grace and peace in our own experience.

The scourge of victim-hood is the tendency to complain without taking conscious action or to blame others (or life itself) for our lack of movement. As one becomes more self-aware, he or she discovers the joy of personal responsibility. Life provides several areas in which we can practice empowerment and acceptance.
Today my intention is to remember that I am responsible for my own joy.
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