Self-criticism is detrimental to your spirit.

“We awaken to self-knowledge through the relentless practice of self-observation. Self-observation is not analysis; it is simply noticing what we think, how we think, what we fear, how we react, and what our strategies of behavior are. Notice, notice, notice. In observing ourselves objectively – that is, without judgment – we can begin to see clearly our fear-based ideas of how we’re supposed to be, how others are supposed to be, how life is supposed to be. In seeing through our beliefs, we penetrate the countless layers of illusions that silently run our lives.”
~Ezra Bayda~
Compassion is the key component for a conscious observer. Our kindness must begin within and then extend outward. Treat yourself with love and patience. Most people have learned how to treat others well in order to bring out the best in them; however, the inner voice remains critical toward the self. Just as it does with external relationships, criticism activates ego generated defense mechanisms and blocks our ability to grow.

Create your own sacred rituals of self-kindness and set aside time each day to make inner balance and well-being a priority. You’ll notice subtle changes in the way you think and the expectations you have for yourself. Love yourself in such a way that your soul sparkles with magic and excitement and peacefulness.
Today my intention is to remember that this moment presents a wonderful opportunity to love. 
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