Create space for something new

Bless and release all that you no longer need to carry.

“I welcome change. I move from the old to the new with ease and with joy. All is well in my world.”
~ Louise Hay ~
Many carry emotional baggage from the past. Many carry the weight of an unknown future. Some have even pre-decided to become unhappy when the eventual changes of life come into play. The ego loves to keep us in chains. As a child, I was greatly affected by the visual of Jacob Marley in the story “A Christmas Carol”. He painfully carried the chains of his past while informing Scrooge that his own chains had been the same length seven years prior and were much, much longer now. Even prior to my conscious awakening, I was inspired by the concept that, in one night (in one moment), a shift in thoughts could break someone free from a self-induced prison. And, indeed, I see that truth played out daily with the many beautiful people who grace my life.

You can be free – right now, in this moment. It is easy to release that which no longer serves you. It is easy to create the space in which a transformation can occur. You can choose to change your thoughts whenever necessary, expect the very best and walk forward in joy. You are the master of your own experience. Imagine a life free from fear, pain and doubt… one filled with miracles, loving experiences, simple pleasures and the freedom to embrace life.

Today my intention is to remember that life supports me in amazing ways. I love and approve of myself, and I alone create sweetness and joy in my experience.
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