The other side of fear

In the midst of challenge, one can crumble or one can learn.

“I am willing to release the pattern in me that is creating any negative condition in my life.”
~ Louise Hay ~

Step lightly and non-seriously while remaining balanced and fully present. Fear arises when the mind takes control. By choosing to remain centered, you will cultivate the ability to turn and consciously face your fears when necessary. Even if you should fall, it is always possible to pick yourself up and continue on your way.

“In some people anxiety is obvious. Others may appear calm and at ease with life, yet still be scared to death – of intimacy, of criticism, of loss, of something. Just because fear in others is not obvious doesn’t mean it’s not there. The fear may be hidden, but it is just as powerful and just as frightening. Recalling this can foster compassion.”

~Ezra Bayda~

It’s important to turn that same compassion inward. We can utilize fear as a powerful tool of transformation. Observe the mind – what are you afraid of? When we face our shadows, we often discover that the mind has amplified a projection of a negative or limiting thought and it’s not nearly as big as it wants us to believe. You are a divine, infinite being on a journey of discovery. You are safe, supported, loved, guided and directed each and every step of the way.
Today my intention is to remember that every moment is a new beginning. I am in the midst of a transformation.


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