Recognize the sacredness within yourself and all that is around you.

“I am in total harmony with my environment: the sun, the moon, the wind, the rain, and the earth.”
~ Louise Hay ~
No matter what you choose to do, be there fully. Experience it with every cell of the body. Immerse yourself within the present moment and allow life to take care of itself. When you bring your awareness into the Now, something new emerges within you. A sense of Oneness and completion moves throughout your experience as you discover the joy of being.

To awaken is to discover Oneness in a world of difference. The same life-force and energy flows through us all. Imagine how our interactions would change if we focused upon that truth rather than one the various roles we play as part of our human experience.

What do you wish to see in the world? Bring it into your life in every way possible. Your intention and actions create a momentum of transformation. What heals one, heals all.
Today my intention is to follow my truth. The peace I create in my life touches others in miraculous ways.
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