Have compassion for those who have yet to awaken.

That’s Right! We are all just walking one another home… (Rumi)

Have you ever had a frustrating dream so real that all you felt was relief upon awakening? That freedom is the difference between consciousness and unconsciousness. One opens doors of perception while the other flails in the dark.

Those trapped in self-imposed misery need our compassion. Each of us has the ability to awaken others with our presence; however, one can never know when words and kindnesses may be the impetus that sparks the light of awareness. Therefore, simply continue working on your own transformation and allow your life to inspire as best you can.

Never doubt the impact you have on those who grace your life. The energy that we weave together creates a tapestry of incredible beauty that may only be fully understood when we have the capability to step back and view it in its entirety.
Today my intention is to consciously weave love and kindness in every moment.

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