Inner peace

Empowerment is taking full responsibility for all that unfolds in your life.

That’s Right! Every moment provides an opportunity for me to discover new facets of my true Divine nature

Life happens. Beneath the mind’s judgments of good or bad or challenging versus pleasant, resides a stillness of infinite potential. As we release the need to create a running commentary of opinion, we discover that we have the ability to consciously choose responses that are aligned with our soul’s purpose rather than distract from it.

You are here to awaken. Everything that you choose to do and all that unfolds in your experience simply provides the playground in which you explore. See how accepting and neutral you can remain within polarizing situations. Eventually, this sense of peace will become the bedrock of your life.

More and more you may notice yourself in the role of observer – untainted by reactivity and at ease within the present moment. When you do choose to take action, your approach will be clear and empowered.
Today my intention is to be an authentic example of unconditional love and acceptance.

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